What is PKU sphere?

PKU sphere is a low phenylalanine (Phe) powdered GMP-based formula for the dietary management of Phenylketonuria. PKU sphere is available in one pack size:

  • Contains the equivalent of 20g of protein.
  • Contains 36mg of Phe.
  • Contains a complete range of vitamins and minerals plus DHA

What makes PKU sphere different from gel, express, and cooler?

Unlike PKU gel, express, and cooler, PKU sphere contains GMP.  GMP comes from whole protein and is naturally very low in phe.  However, it is also low in some other amino acids that the body needs.  To make it suitable for use in PKU, some amino acids need to be added.  All GMP-based formulas, including PKU sphere are supplemented with some amino acids to ensure it is nutritionally balanced.

Who is PKU sphere for?

PKU sphere is suitable from 6 years of age through adulthood, including pregnancy.  As with any other GMP-based formula, PKU sphere contains a small amount of phe.  Your dietitian will help you determine if PKU sphere is appropriate for your diet.

How much PKU sphere do I need?

The amount of PKU sphere needed will depend on a variety of factors including age, weight, and phe tolerance.  Your dietitian will advise you on what is most appropriate.

How do I make PKU sphere?

Making PKU sphere is simple:

  1. Pour at least 120ml of water in to a shaker.
  2. Add in one PKU sphere packet.
  3. Shake well and drink immediately.

Top tips:

  •  Make with ice cold water or lots of ice to get a cool sphere shake.
  • Once made up, drink PKU sphere right away

What flavor is PKU sphere?

PKU sphere is available in two flavors, Red Berry and Vanilla.

PKU Food Balance Game

PKU Food Balance Game – An interactive game to engage children with PKU in learning about food choices on phenylalanine (Phe) or protein restricted diets.

PKU food balance game
PKU food balance game

PKU sphere is a medical food intended for use under medical supervision.