What is Vitabite?

Vitabite is a low protein, high energy chocolate flavoured bar. It is available in a box of 7 bars; each weighing 25g.

Who is Vitabite for?

Vitabite is suitable for people with PKU and can be used from 1 year of age

Does Vitabite contain any phenylalanine?

Vitabite contains a very small amount of protein per bar and so, contains a very small amount of phenylalanine BUT because the amount is so small, it does not need to be counted towards your daily protein allowance. Discuss with your dietitian if you are unsure.

How do I use Vitabite?

Vitabite can be eaten as a snack on its’ own or it can be incorporated into the diet in a number of ways. Consider Vitabite;

  • Melted and used to coat permitted low protein biscuits or fruit
  • Incorporated into recipes to add a great chocolate flavour; muffins, hot drinks (with ProZero for hot chocolate), spreads and more
  • Add grated Vitabite onto permitted cakes and desserts such as low protein ice cream (made with ProZero)
  • Click on the Recipes tab at the top of the page to find some great tasting recipe ideas using Vitabite.

How do I buy Vitabite?

Vitabite is available in boxes of 7 bars (7 x 25g) and is available direct from Vitaflo Australia. Place your order by phone (03) 5229 8222 , email or by downloading the Vitaflo Choices order form here.

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